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Arab Educational Institute
Recent and Upcoming Events


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Our recent Project news!!

a. Sharing Stories

A project in which five school communities are involved (three on the Palestinian side, and two on the Dutch side), in which students write value-oriented narratives on issues of social violence in their societies, and react upon each others writings. The stories will be published in the course of 2001 in the Netherlands. The project is supported by the Euro-Arab Dialogue from Below and KSE/Wild Geese. At present all the students are on holiday. The exchange proved to be interesting and many students developed personal email relationships and took part actively on rights issues developing during the course of the project.

b. Communicating the Story of Palestine

This project brought together two youth groups at AEIs premises in Bethlehem. Among other things, they collected human rights stories and put them on AEIs website. The youth groups are now involved on a more voluntary basis and have now become friends of the institute. The older youth group will now participate in a proposal writing training course. Supported by the Euro-Arab Dialogue from Below project.

c. Diary project

Staff and associates of AEI, and students of St Joseph School, wrote personal diaries in English now published on AEIs website chapter by chapter. The diaries have now been published in English on paper back too. From the onset of the Al-Aqsa Intifadah, AEI associate Toine van Teeffelen has also kept a weekly Bethlehem diary available on various websites (AEI, Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, IKV, AFSC).

d. Eye to eye project

A more newly started project in which four Palestinian and four Belgian schools participate in a computer exchange and subsequent visits to Palestine and Belgium supported by Broederlijk Delen. Unfortunately, given our present situation, the Belgian students have now postponed their trip to Palestine until Christmas. The Palestinian students have participated in limited field trips too taking place so far in Artas, a village close to Bethlehem and Bethlehem itself. The partner Belgian school of Battir Unwra girls school have also introduced a website containing much of the exchanged communcation.